The N99 Nask Smart Mask (respirator) can be used for 24 hours continuously without removal, allowing the wearer long term protection. Thanks to the use of patented Nanofiber technology, Nask provides optimal oxygen flow making it one of the safest masks available.


Communicating While Wearing Respirators

The design of the N99 Nask Smart Mask allows wearers to communicate clearly and effectively without the need to remove the mask. Nanofibers are as thin as 3/100 of a human hair, hence our material is significantly thinner than most other masks. This allows for an optimum combination in terms of both protection and and communication efficiency.


Exhalation Condensation of Eyewear

With most face masks, partial exhalation commonly exits vertically next to the nose often causing dangerous misting to eyewear. This is extremely risky and bothersome especially during medical procedures. Due to the high breathability of Nask, the exhaled air is easily allowed to exit directly through the mask membrane. The formable wire component in the nose and upper cheek area further allows for a snug fit over the anatomy of the face, further restricting any vertical exhalation into the eyewear region.


Traps Viruses and Kills Bacteria

The N99 Nask Smart Mask’s patented technology traps viruses and kills bacteria on contact during usage. Bacteria left behind on the mask after use will also die, reducing any risk of cross contamination.



The N99 Nask Smart Masks are individually packed to keep each respirator sterile and prevent cross contamination. They are available in boxes of 5 or 50 units per box.


Moisture Build Up

Nask Smart Masks do not clog up with moisture build up thanks to the Nanofiber construction, which allow free flow of air through the mask, while at the same time blocking out and killing deadly bacteria and trapping viruses on contact.


Continuous Use

The N99 Nask Smart Mask can be used continuously for longer periods than any other regular N95 mask on the market. Thanks to the bacteria killing properties and efficient breathability, full day use of up to 24 hours is possible.


Quick Fitting

The N99 Nask Smart Mask is extremely easy and quick to fit with elasticated ear lops and formable nose and cheek compliance. No loose strings to tie as per some other N95 respirators on the market.


Fastening Design

The N99 Nask Smart Mask’s elastic ear loop design fits quickly and allows wearers (especially those with long hair), to fit the respirators easily.



The N99 Nask Smart Mask can be replaced in the original packaging and safely stored for re use. (If still clean). Protection remains uncompromised, even when crushed or folded (not twisted).



The N99 Nask Smart Mask is extremely light weight and comfortable to wear, as it is manufactured using ultra-soft, ultra-durable and ultra-light Nanofiber material.



The N99 Nask Smart Mask comes in three sizes, allowing for better fitting to various face sizes. In addition the mask is soft and will take the shape of various faces due to its advanced pliable design.


Mask Rating

The Nask Smart Mas has achieved a higher rating in all categories of testing when compared to other N95 respirators currently available, as indicated by the comparative chart. Nask N99 Smart Masks offer the wearer improved protection over any other mask on the market today. Nask has been tested at a higher level of criteria than most other products. For example, we have tested breathability up to 0.26 micron meters at a higher than the norm air flow rate of 85L/min.



The N99 Nask Smart Mask is price competitive, considering the long term wearability benefits, combined with the best possible protection.

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